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We are keen to offer you creative solutions that will support you in developing and executing winning strategies that will create more value in your business.


We offered tailored programs to our clients, programs designed for clients with human capital questions within their organisations and / or with improving the performance of the HR department.


We complement our tailored, integrated expertise to help your company deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes. We will use an approach to help you improve the performance of your operations.


We envision to help organisations achieve a positive fun team culture by delivering unique and rewarding corporate events that leave a lasting happiness.

What else we provide?

Digital Communication

We guide you through the strategic planning, audience analysis and behaviours, execution, monitoring and evaluation of your projects, so that every activity, no matter how small, builds to support your organisation’s long-term communications objectives. We have specialized in Branding, Editorial and Content Creation, Social Media Strategy and Management, Graphic Design.

Translation & Interpretation

The type of translation that you need may vary from project to project, so we tailor our translation approach based on your individual requirements. We also provide interpreting services to a range of NGOs, commercial and public sector organisations,who all recognise the value of effective communication with their service users, no matter what language they speak.


Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often used in reportage. Yes we shoot stories through photographs and we can help you record stories naturally in their real environment. Just drop us a line or give us a call to know more about this.

Event planning and Management

From strategy planning, budgeting, and comprehensive registration support to marketing and branding we bring the most current, innovative and professional market expertise. Our service is entirely tailored. Whether you need help from the initial planning stages though to delivering the event (Corporates, Associations, Non-Profit Organisations), or just help on the day - we're the team for you!

Hub of Ideas – We connect people with ideas. Together with our clients and a pool of experts we create a platform where amazing people meet and share great ideas. We specialize in projects, which bring groups together and create new experiences and relationships. We make big ideas happen, tackle big issues, empower everyone, have a global reach, remove barriers to participation, transform understanding, open new possibilities by creating new platforms.

Holistic Interventions – We work holistically hand in hand by developing a holistic approach for an effective consulting and also by changing processes for greater impact and more results.

Human Impact – We bring change and growth within our communities. We encourage our consumers to take a broader view of their role, embracing social responsibility, environmental concerns and other area that foster sustainable business development. Sustainable success requires the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment. Diversity shows the way for flexibility. Research and Development is the process that ensures that an enterprise has the right information to make the right choices as its market evolves by meeting the real needs of the community.

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Who we are

Our company, 3hi Africa, is a consultancy that helps organizations realize their intended goals with a holistic intervention and shared equity. Together we create a hub of ideas and impact humans.

We are a team of international experts with extensive experience in Business, Non-profit Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and in working with Communities and the Public Sector.

3hi Africa will be offering you high value-added consulting services related to the organization’s overall Strategy to help you transform your business environment for an effective sustainable change within your communities.

Strategic Consultancy
Operations Consultancy
Human Resources Consultancy

About us

Whether you are in the private sector, public sector or civil society (NGOs, individuals and communities), we will help you improve the performance of your operations and achieve your objectives.

We will do this by offering you services related to the organization’s overall Strategy.

Our services include consultancy, training and social research towards achieving sustainable change in Africa.

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