Achieving inclusive and sustainable growth will require going beyond a business-as-usual approach. At 3hi Africa, we strongly believe that Investing in people through technology and digitalization, education and learnings, will help build up Africa’s Digital Economy and of course create more enjoyable future jobs and nurture thriving communities in order to help transforming economies in Africa not only through services providing but also agriculture and other areas of growth. It has been proven that technology has helped increasing transparency and more efficient service delivery.

Details about this forum

2020 has been a year that many want to forget, for a number of different reasons, but we are giving you something to remember because this November we are hosting a crucial REAL Connection Forum, it is the PRO4DEV2030 FORUM and the theme for this forum is “REINVENTING AFRICA’S EMPLOYMENT PROFILE”! This event is all about: Creating economic transformation by redefining workplaces, using innovation and entrepreneurship as key building blocks of competitive and dynamic economies, changing perspectives through technology by finding ways to accelerate digitalization and diversifying technology in workplaces in order to achieve economic transformation as well as social inclusion as main drivers of productivity growth.

3hi Africa will host, in partnership with Impact Hub Bujumbura, a virtual regional forum on November 20 & 21, 2020. By organizing this forum we aim to address the major’s barriers causing a higher inactivity and unemployment rate in Africa for the youth, the young women and groups of people living with disability hoping that this initiative will contribute to safeguarding the future productivity of our continent Africa through innovative solutions and ideas that will be provided by various stakeholders.

Description of the ideal participant

We believe that if many people have the same vision to build a healthier ecosystem in Africa, we will have a greater chance to make the change that we want. Therefore, we are inviting only those who are truly passionate about changing the world of work in Africa and who are passionate about creating a sustainable work environment in Africa to join this forum.

The event will bring together intellectual leaders, agents of change and leading experts from around the continent. The forum will be virtually and focus on the future of work in Africa. The insights and analysis presented in this event will provide a critical cornerstone and set pace for future change actors of Burundi and other African countries, because we believe that there is a need to adapt quickly to the changing context and also be part of the development agenda of Africa continent.

If you are: young professionals, young entrepreneurs, member of organisations supporting people with a disability, professionals from the diaspora, Human Resources Experts, member of the civil society, leaders or students of universities and member of TVET institutions you are please welcome to join the discussion on how to close skills gaps in the work environment in order to help increase productivity and prepare for the future of work.


In order to help participants to make authentic connections and have great conversations we would not like to exceed 200 people attending the discussions.

Join the conversation to discuss great ideas with likeminded people, click ‘Book Now English’ or Book Now French to grab your free ticket, while they last.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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