The first half of 2020 was globally marked with the outbreak of the COVID-19 related disease, which gravely affected many aspects of usual life. The COVID-19 outbreak also inevitably influenced the work of the 3HI AFRICA. Due to the restrictions of movement which have been in place in many, we came up with this new product ‘TRAINBRAIN’. But also, in the race to keep up with advancing technology and the shifting requirements of employees in the workplace, traditional learning methods are becoming increasingly obsolete. In this environment, there was a necessity to look towards alternative models of professional learning which are compatible with the changing landscape of work.

TrainBrain is an online innovative learning platform created by 3HI AFRICA for entrepreneurs and employees mainly, to help them improve learning outcomes and engagement, applying new skills such as Decision Making, Innovative Mindset, Agility, Critical Thinking and other attributes of what it takes to achieve the goal. Through our monthly forums this year, either on WhatsApp or Zoom, we brought together like-minded people to cultivate connections and create conversations designed to stimulate ideas.

We have helped over 500 knowledge-seeking people in year 2020 during the pandemic. The number of users of the TrainBrain online platform for each session this year was around 150 participants. Indeed, TrainBrain remains a tool for increasing the knowledge and networking through our online platform. This year 2020, we hosted thirteen (13) events and covered eight (8) different topics.

Topics covered in 2020:

  1. How to overcome the fear of entrepreneurship 
  2. Managing stress and pressure during COVID-19 
  3. Personal branding 
  4. Keys to prosper in business 
  5. How to develop a successful sale-mindset 
  6. 7 keys to differentiate yourself from your competitors 
  7. Getting rid of routine 
  8. Self-esteem and culture

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