“Taking your industry into a winning digital future”

Together with senior executives we will work to determine how to extract value within their organisations. We aim to provide tangible actions to our clients in order to help them accelerate the implementation of solutions. We complement our tailored, integrated expertise to help your company deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes. We will use an approach to help you improve the performance of your operations. Consultancy activities in this segment vary from advisory services to hands-on implementation support; our solutions combine Digital Communication & Marketing, Monitoring & Evaluation and Market & Social Research. Seeing as the operations is often associated with the strategy and technology side of a company, our active operations consultants will regularly work side by side with experts from these domains.


Looking at the new trends, we came to realize that our customers’ need a shaped digital Communication and Marketing Strategy to help them create value by reinventing the core of their business. Our expertise in digital transformation is enhanced by our proven approach to change management. We are willing to help you develop a Strategy that align with your core strategy and propel you to a leadership position as digital reshapes your industry. We are committed to help you build a digital transformation Strategy and implement it within your company by helping you revive stalled digital products and achieve accelerated outcomes for other digital priorities. Our experts will lead your team in creating tools and techniques through redesigning of your Branding Identity, Editorial and Content Creation, Social Media Strategy and Management.


Together with our clients, we help them monitor and evaluate their various projects and programs, through Project Management, Cost Optimisation, including Standards Development/Improvement, Cost Controls and Reporting and Management Systems, of their various projects and programs. We envision to build analytics-driven organisations to achieve better results through data.


At 3hi Africa, we have also committed to run Market & Social Research to contribute towards achieving sustainable change in Africa because we believe that through our analytics capabilities, we can help you realize immediate, tangible results by leading companies to make choices that are based on robust external and internal analytics. We will guide you through the audience analysis and behaviours by conducting researches in order to help your company make decisions based on accurate and reliable data and also to develop operating models and partnerships as well as winning solutions looking at your environment.